International comparisons of product supply chains in the agro-food sectors: determinants of their competitiveness and performance on EU and international markets
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The project will deliver a coherent and innovative evaluation of competitiveness of European food chains by integrating various new approaches. Based on this, the research results allows to deduce a congruent, coherent and consistent set of policy recommendations aiming at improving competitiveness and promoting the Knowledge Based Bio-Economy in Europe.

The analysis is conducted along two lines, (1) conception and indicators of competitiveness and (2) its determinants. In the first part a comprehensive definition of competitiveness will be developed by integrating the finding from selected theoretical micro and macro approaches. This framework constitutes the basis for the empirical analysis, where the EU position on world markets will be discussed in relation to that of major competitors.

The second part deals with selected determinants of competitiveness. These include policy intervention and business environment, productivity in agriculture and food processing, the functioning of domestic and international markets, the choice of governance structures as well as innovative activities in food processing. The analysis of the determinants will contribute significantly to be better and deeper understanding of competitiveness and the deduction of policy recommendations.